Saturday, 12 July 2014

"Exploder", the second in my series of fun Call of Duty Custom Classes

My second class for Call of Duty consists explosives, explosives and more explosives. The classes starts with the W1200 shotgun, as my primary weapon, very useful for 1-shotting enemies in close quarters combat before they can react, a Desert Eagle as my secondary weapon as it simply outclasses all other secondaries. My perks are the exciting part, I run RPG's, Sonic Boom, and Martydom.

The combination of the RPG's, enhanced with sonic boom, and Martydom and your regular grenade creates amazingly powerful explosives and area of effect damage. I love to use this class on smaller maps such as Shipment and Killhouse, and it allows me to net a number of double and triple kills leading quickly into Airstrikes and Helicopters.

When I run this class, I will 100% of the time play very aggressive and head straight foward towards the enemy, shortening the distance as much as possible so my Martydom perk and RPG's will be more useful and accurate respectively. Often times if I am in danger of being taken down by an enemy at close range, I will RPG the both of us, netting me a kill credit and denying it from the enemy.

This is a very fun class and is great to run with other teammates or a custom game with friends!

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